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Technical Data Sheet



SW-COMMUTATOR M & P sheets are hard, dense mica plates used in segments, separators and spacers. They exhibit good electrical & thermal properties and mechanical strength. SW-COMMUTATOR M & P sheets can be sawed, sheared and punched into customized shapes. Its superior uniformity enables automatic feeding and stacking within high speed assembly operations. SW-COMMUTATOR M & P sheets are used within a wide range of small and medium size commutators for all kind of household applications, industrial equipments and power tools.

Composition: SW-COMMUTATOR M & P sheets consist of minimum 90% Muscovite alternatively Phlogopite impregnated with a specially developed epoxy resin.
Supply form: Thickness: 0.20 – 2.00 mm
Size: 1000 mm width, 600 mm or 1200 mm lenght
Customized strips or punched parts according to customers’ drawings and/or requirements.
Processing: SW-COMMUTATOR M & P sheets can be easily punched, or sheared. Tools for punching precise parts should be provided with spring loaded hold-down plates.

SW-COMMUTATOR M & P (epoxy mica sheets)

TYPE Muscovite Phlogopite
Mica content: (IEC 60371-2) min. 90 % min. 90 %

Epoxy binder content:(IEC 60371-2)

≤2,5 % ≤2,0 %
Density:(IEC 60371-2) ≤2,5 % ≤2,0 %

Compressibility:(IEC 60371-2)

≤2.5 %
≤2.5 %

≤2.0 %
≤2.0 %
Flexural Strength:(IEC 60371-2) >300 MPa >300 MPa
Elastic Modulus:(IEC 60371-2) >80000 MPa >70000 MPa
Resistance to exudation
and displacement:
300 °C 300 °C
Tracking Resistance:(IEC 60112) >500 V >600 V
Arc Resistance: (ASTM D495) 4 s 4 s

Note: These technical data are average results of laboratory tests conducted under standard procedures and are subject to variations and do not constitute a warranty or representation for which we assure legal responsibility. Safe Insulating Material in Compliance with EEC Council Directive.


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