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Technical Data Sheet



SW-Foil RF PGM is cold-formable composite of glass fiber reinforced silicone impregnated phlogopite and glass fiber reinforced silicone impregnated muscovite mica paper. All components are bonded together with a hightemperature resistant silicone resin.

SW-Foil RF PGM has a high elasticity, high mechanical stability and is tearing resistant.

Application: SW-Foil RF PGM is used as a slip plane or high electri-cal isolation of the coil in a coreless induction furnace, barrier against approaching metal fins, wrapping mate-rial for the crucible form, protective barrier during sinte-ring of the lining material.
Heat Resistance: 1.000 °C (Muscovite) / 1.200 °C (Phlogopite)

0,42 ± 0,05 mm (mit 10 kPa ± 10%)

Square Weight:

690 g/m²

Supply Form:

Rolls: 1 m width, max. 100 m length

Thermal Conductivity: 0,20 W/mK (200 °C)
0,35 W/mK (400 °C)
Dielectric Strength: 23 KV/mm Phlogopite-Mica (IEC 60243 bei 20 °C)
25 KV/mm Muscovite-Mica (IEC 60243 bei 20 °C)

Note: These technical data are average results of laboratory tests conducted under standard procedures and are subject to variations, and do not constitute a warranty or representation for which we assure legal responsibility. Safe Insulating Material in Compliance with EEC Council Directive.


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