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Technical Data Sheet



SW-Mesh - Stainless and antimagnetic steel net sandwiched between 2 layers of mica to sense and report worn out lining, metal run out and early leakage of the molten metal through the refractory lining to an electronic control unit.

Application: SW- Mesh should be used only following your furnace manufactures guidelines to ensure the proper function of an “early leakage” alarm system.
Temperature Limit of Application: 1.200 °C
Square Weight:

1.800 g/m²


1,0 ± 0,05 mm (mit 10 kPa ± 10%)

Supply Form:

Sheets: 1000 mm width, max. 2400 mm length on one side 20 mm blank steel

Note: These technical data are average results of laboratory tests conducted under standard procedures and are subject to variations, and do not constitute a warranty or representation for which we assure legal responsibility. Safe Insulating Material in Compliance with EEC Council Directive.


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